Free Night Show At Gardens By The Bay In Singapore
Singapore is a country of exquisite attractions, exceptional hospitality, and delicious food. "Gardens by the Bay" is one of the beautiful attractions!

Gardens by the Bay

It is an enormous park consist of waterfront gardens located next to the Marina reservoir. It was built on a purpose to convert the "Garden City" to the "City in a Garden" and promoting nature's best friends - "Trees" and greenery. 

"Gardens by the Bay" has three major gardens - Central, East, and South Gardens. It also has "Flower Dome" - a conservatory of flower shows and display and "Cloud Forest" - simulating a cool moist tropical climate forest with a waterfall in it. 

Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay
Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove is the main attraction of the park. Just like a forest, Supertree Grove is a forest of big tree structures made in the garden imitating ecological functions of tree-like photosynthesis - using photovoltaic cells to harness the energy, collecting rainwater for irrigation and other major functions.

These Supertrees are gigantic and carry height ranges of 82 ft (25 meters) to 160 ft (50 meters). There is an elevator available next to Supertree to take you up high to the OCBC Skyway - An elevated path between the Supertrees. You can enjoy an aerial view of the park from the Skyway. 

The Free Night Show

Every evening two free night shows of 12 mins each - 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, bring these Supertrees into live-action. The energetic music with the rocking lights on every part of the Supertrees makes every evening most beautiful in Singapore.

The best way to enjoy the show is by lying down on the floor and see upwards watching it in a big panoramic view.

Enjoy the Show

Tip: Try to reach the place 45 minutes before showtime so that you can find a perfect spot to watch. Most of the best spots are taken by the time the show starts.

Other free things to do in the Park

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands from the Bridge

There is no entry free of the park unless you want to visit "Flower Dome" or "Cloud Front".  Dragon Fly Bridge that takes you directly to the Marina Bay Sands hotel is the best place to go. You can enjoy the beautiful waterfront view of the Singapore Flyer from the bridge. You can also visit the other gardens like Marina Park, Children's park - consists of adventurous paths like trampolines, hanging bridges and others. 

There is good connectivity of local Metro trains and buses to reach the park. You can also hire a personal cab to visit the spot. 


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