Malampuzha Dam - Palakkad, Kerala - Reservoir, Gardens, Views Cover
Malampuzha dam, a small place near Palakkad, Kerala is the largest reservoir in Kerala.

I had been looking for places to visit near Coimbatore and came across this beautiful place hidden in the South West of the city!

About the Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha Dam, Palakkad
Malampuzha Dam, Palakkad

It is a place with a mesmerizing view of gardens, dam, reservoir, river, and the Western Ghats. A perfect place for a picnic day or a short road trip! The dam is built on the Noyyal river flowing from the state of Tamil Nadu to Kerala.

Things to Do at Malamphuza Dam 

As you reach there by passing calm villages and the greenery, the first meeting you do is the bridge giving you a fantastic direct view of the dam. You want to stop there and keep it in the eyes but wait.. you can actually go above there!

There is a beautiful Malampuzha Garden near the dam with small flowers gardens, sculptures, fountains. An adult ticket to the garden costs you around 30 rupees (price may vary). Once you entered the gardens, you can simply roam around and enjoy the view of the dam and different flowers.

Children's Park

Children's park at Malampuzha Dam
Children's park view from the train

There is a big Children's park inside the gardens with lots of swings and playing areas. The main attraction of the park is the Toy Train which gives a ride around the park. I personally call it Train 31.  Your kids can enjoy hours in the park while you sit back and relax.

Top of the Dam

Top view of the Malampuzha Dam
Top of the Dam

There are stairs at the North-East corner of the park to take you to the top of the Dam. You can look around and enjoy the vast reservoir surrounded by the big rocky mountains and on the other side, you can enjoy the full view of the garden. I did not know about the stairs and came out of the garden. I had to purchase a ticket again to experience the view.

Reservoir at Malampuzha Dam
Reservoir View at the backside of the dam

Malamphuzha Garden at Malampuzha Dam
Garden View from the top of the Dam

Garden extends to both sides of the dam letting you cross the downstream river on a hanging bridge. Such a cool place to take photos!


A Ropeway goes over the garden and in front of the dam giving a 20 minutes ride letting you make peace with your mind and enjoy the 360 degrees view of this attraction. You must go for it unless you have a fear of heights.

The Boating

To relax your muscles, you can take a pedal boat and roam nearby areas. If you want to go further into the river you have an option to hire a motorboat and peek into the forest. 

River view at the Malampuzha Dam
Top view of the river

Bridge view at Malampuzha Dam
Bonus Photo

It can take up to 4-5 hours to enjoy all the views. In the meantime, you can enjoy hot Bhajji with Tea. 

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