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Yercaud Visit - A Perfect Getaway for a Blissful Weekend

Thursday, November 21, 2019 I just came back from a five days trip from Sri Lanka and was not planning to visit anywhere till November 2019 due to my sister's marriage! Fortunately, one of my friend's marriage was also fixed for December 2nd which I would not be able to attend. Since he lives in Chennai and I was in Madurai, we decided to meet before his marriage somewhere in between the two cities. Initially, we were exploring all hill stations that comes between Madurai and Chennai and made a small list including Yelagiri, Kalrayan Hill Forests, and Yercaud.

Boston Visit - Gardens, Penguins, Turtle, Quincy Market and The Grinch

Saturday, November 10, 2018 As a part of my US trip, it was the turn to visit the "Geek City" - Boston . Most of you must have heard about the famous universities -  M.I.T. which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University! Both of the world-renowned institutes are the homey of this place! It is a hub of students gathered from all around the world. Boston is not only famous for these two institutes but many other famous colleges, innovations, healthy green spaces, quality of life and its cultural attractions!

My Perfect Timing to Visit Philadelphia - Day 2

Sunday, November 4, 2018 Hello friends! Welcome back to my another post in continuation of my previous post  My Perfect Timing to visit Philadelphia - Day 1 It was the next morning of my Philly trip. I had an extended sleep thanks to Daylight Savings ending! I grabbed a coffee and had a little chit chat with a few of my hostel mates in the Common area. I had plans to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art,   Philadelphia's Magical Gardens and to see the skyline of the city.

My Perfect Timing to Visit Philadelphia - Day 1

Saturday, November 3, 2018 I am always eager to sneak out somewhere on weekends and leave my footprints on a new place. I was on an office-related trip to the US for a few months in late last year. I had already planned to visit a few places during the weekends and explore the most! Philadelphia

Free Night Show at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore

Singapore is a country of exquisite attractions, exceptional hospitality, and delicious food. " Gardens by the Bay " is one of the beautiful attractions!

Malampuzha Dam - Palakkad, Kerala - Reservoir, Gardens, Views

Malampuzha dam, a small place near Palakkad, Kerala is the largest reservoir in Kerala. I had been looking for places to visit near Coimbatore and came across this beautiful place hidden in the South West of the city!