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Touring in COVID 19? Here is all you need to consider before planning your travel

Being a traveler, COVID-19 has hit very hard on my travel plans in the past year. I had made plans to visit many places within India and international places as well. Unfortunately, it's not over yet and we don't know when will it be. I can understand that it is very hard for you to resist going out after the unlock started in the whole country. But going outside puts more responsibility on us so that we can prevent ourselves and others from getting infected by the Corona Virus. Here are the few tips that I am following before planning my travel and trying to stay safe from the COVID-19 wave. Look for a remote location If you are from Delhi NCR and planning to go outside, the first names that come to your mind are mostly Manali, Shimla, Nainital, or Rishikesh. Well, not a good choice because everyone planning a trip is trying to visit these places which means a lot of people around you. You definitely do not want this. The more the population density more will be the chances

Don't let Coronavirus Lose Your Belief in Travel. The Planet will Soon be Running!

A word on Coronavirus (COVID-19) I know its a Pandemic! But it is not the first time. We have faced a lot of challenges in our past and always bounced back. Surely, sometimes, it took a little while but YES, we made it!