Touring in COVID 19? Here is all you need to consider before planning your travel

Being a traveler, COVID-19 has hit very hard on my travel plans in the past year. I had made plans to visit many places within India and international places as well. Unfortunately, it's not over yet and we don't know when will it be. I can understand that it is very hard for you to resist going out after the unlock started in the whole country. But going outside puts more responsibility on us so that we can prevent ourselves and others from getting infected by the Corona Virus.

Here are the few tips that I am following before planning my travel and trying to stay safe from the COVID-19 wave.

Look for a remote location

If you are from Delhi NCR and planning to go outside, the first names that come to your mind are mostly Manali, Shimla, Nainital, or Rishikesh. Well, not a good choice because everyone planning a trip is trying to visit these places which means a lot of people around you. You definitely do not want this. The more the population density more will be the chances of getting COVID-19. Staying in remote places can lower your chances of getting the Corona Virus.

Also, the cost of lodging increases with demand. You can avoid paying extra bucks by choosing a remote location. Look for the remote places which are at least 30 to 40 km from the famous places. Plus with less crowd, you can spend more time in public places freely. In my case, I traveled to Mukteshwar, a small village around 50 km from Nainital.  

Do not plan for the weekends

As the weekend arrives, everyone is ready with their bags packed to leave for a beautiful place to spend their precious time peacefully. Are you sure? Is it really peaceful? Maybe the views, yes but what about the whole crowd and the fear of getting COVID-19?

Do not plan for the weekends. If you are very eager to travel, take leaves, and plan during the weekdays to encounter less crowd. I am sure you will have a lot of vacation days pending since all of you were working from home and there was no place to visit. This is the right time to use them. 

Carry all your essential supplies

Sometimes, we forget to carry essential stuff like medicines, on the road snacks, toiletries, slippers, etc. and we tend to buy them in the local market. In these times of COVID-19, making the least human contact is the key. One more step closer to less human contact is to carry all the essential supplies. Especially, medicines and toiletries. I would recommend carrying one or two bedsheets, if possible.

Go Cashless

In this era, almost every vendor, street hawker, or shopkeeper knows the importance of credit/debit cards and other wallet payment methods and they keep card machines, support wallet payment methods like PayTM, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc. Even the networks are very good in remote places that going cashless is very easy now. 

Exchanging cash notes or coins could bring the virus near to you and affect you with COVID-19. It is highly recommended to go cashless wherever possible. Try to book your hotel online and ask for an e-receipt. There are many site-seeing places which also offer online bookings. Online booking helps you in two ways by making your transactions cashless and helps you avoiding queues and wait times.

Make sure the place is open for travelers

As we are still struggling with the COVID-19, many of the places aren't still open for travelers. You can confirm this by calling the local authorities. You can check state-wise travel restrictions here at the Go Indigo site

Get an E-pass if needed

Many of the states still need you to register before you plan to travel there. To ease this process, states are providing online facilities to register your travel details and get an e-pass. Getting an e-pass will help you make your travel smoother in the state. 

You can visit e-pass sites for different states from here

Get a COVID test report

Last but not least, getting a negative COVID-19 test report can be very helpful in visiting places around the world. If you show this report to the authorities, they will let you in with no further problems.

You can get yourself tested for COVID-19 in nearby government hospitals. Many of the private hospitals are also providing COVID tests for a certain amount of money. Also, now you can get the first report within a few minutes of the test. 

NOTE: Make sure to schedule your test a day or two before your travel date as most of the reports are valid for a week only.

I hope, by taking these measures, you can lower your chances of getting infected by COVID. If you have more tips, please do mention them in the comments section below this article.

Thank you for reading this article :)


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