Don't let Corona Lose Your Belief in Travel. The Planet will Soon be Running!

A word on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I know its a Pandemic! But it is not the first time. We have faced a lot of challenges in our past and always bounced back. Surely, sometimes, it took a little while but YES, we made it!

While our doctors, security services, sanitation workers, government and volunteers are doing their best to fight this pandemic, at the same time, many scientists and researchers are working day and night to develop a vaccine to cure Coronavirus! We will definitely get it but it's not easy to develop a vaccine overnight. A lot of technicalities are included and testing a new vaccine on any human is not easily permissible.

We cannot help them in many situations but it is our sole duty to support them! - to not go out so that we don't bring the Coronavirus in our home and keep the family safe! In case of any emergency, we must always wear masks, keep a hand sanitizer, cover the face while coughing or sneezing and maintain social distancing. 

Why shouldn't you lose hope?

As a part-time traveler, travel may not be a part of my daily routine but surely, I go out once or twice every month. Sometimes my trips are international, but mostly they are local. If I get around 5 days in a row, I would plan a longer trip within the country. I visited Sikkim last year in the month of April and Goa in the month of July. 

But now, like you, I am also stuck at home. I came in February to work from home for a couple of weeks as I was already working in the night shift and planned to visit Pune in the last week of the month. Unfortunately / fortunately, I got a little stone and canceled plan. I thought, no problem, I will go in March and booked my tickets to come back to Madurai on March 15. But somehow, my friend discussed with me of a trip to the north and I canceled my Madurai flight. I didn't notice but I was being lucky. By that time Coronavirus had already started spreading very rapidly in many countries and the lockdown was imposed in the whole country to keep us safe. Now, It is the 3rd week of April and I am still home! That means I haven't gone out for almost two and a half months! 

I see this is as a blessing in disguise. It tells us the importance of life and our planet! Staying home is the best we can do in these hard times and keep our planet and human race safe! Once the pandemic is over, we will go out again and hug the beautiful places that we love 💝.  

This also tells us that we should not take anything for granted. It includes our mother nature too. We must respect and embrace the beauty of our planet and keep it safe and clean in its original form!

The planet will be running soon!

The empty places you see outside were never the same! They were hapPy and dancing! Music was in the air and people were meeting each other! 

Many of the countries are suffering very badly from this pandemic. We have lost more than 150,000 lives all over the world! This hurts me a lot and I have no words to cover it. My condolences are with all the family members who have lost their near and dear ones 😞. May God give them the strength to bear this pain. May the deceased rest in peace.

Once this pandemic is over, which will be very soon if we follow all the rules and stay home, we will be able to go out again, raising our hands, and embracing the beauty of our planet. Music will again play in the streets, people will again hug each other! Don't lose hope. YES, the planet will be running soon!

Here are a few photos reminding of our beautiful planet!

Stay home and stay safe! We will meet again 😍 !


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