A Short Trip to Bhagsunag, Dharamshala

Hi friend! 

It's been a while since I posted my last travel blog. The world these times is facing many challenges and we are a part of it. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well. 

I had been planning to visit Dharamshala for a couple of years but didn't get a chance due to Covid and some other reasons. I finally executed my long waiting plan last month with my wife. 

It was a four days trip including McLeodGanj, Dharamshala, and some famous Hindu Devi temples that I will cover in my upcoming blogs. I did not know about the Bhagsunag and came to know about this place after researching for places to visit in McLeodGanj. One of my friends also suggested to me to stay in Bhagsunag as it is more peaceful and less crowded than McLeodGanj.

So I booked one night in Bhagsunag that later turned out to be all three nights' stay. I really loved it there! 

How I reached Bhagsunag

I live in Greater Noida, so I chose to reach Dharamshala by bus. You can book a flight to Gaggal Airport, Kangra. I booked a late-night bus which started from Delhi at 7:30 pm and dropped us in Dharamshala exactly in the next 12 hours! To reach from Greater Noida to Delhi, I first booked an Ola Cab to the Botanical Garden, Noida metro station. And from there, I took a metro to RK Ashram, Delhi which was our boarding point.

As soon as we stepped into the metro station, heavy rain started and it kept raining till morning in Dharamshala. We could not see anything outside due to the dense clouds and rains. After the morning bus drop, I booked a private cab which took us to our hotel in Bhagsunag. The road from Dharamshala to McLeodgaj is very steep and requires very good driving practice. The cab driver charged INR 500. I found it a bit pricy but it was raining so we had to get inside asap and the driver also mentioned that it was the fixed charge.

As we reached quite early to the hotel, we did not get our room. All the rooms were booked and we were asked to wait till 11 AM. We were very tired due to the whole night's travel. The view from the hotel and hot tea, Maggi had energized us!

As I mentioned that it was raining since last night, well it was our lucky day! The top hills had a very good snowfall and we were amazed to look at that mesmerizing view. 

Fresh snowfall!

Hot Maggi!

Very first glimpse of the Dhauladhar Range!

Bhagsunag Temple Visit

Finally, around 10:45 AM, our room was ready. We were already enjoying cold showers followed by amazing snow and a partially sunny day! We took some rest, got freshen up, and started to the temple. 

According to a legend, a fight happened between the King Bhagsu and King of Naag (Serpents), Nagraj as king Bhagsu had stolen the water from the holy Dal lake. It is said that King Bhagsu built a temple seeking forgiveness from the Nagraj.

The temple was 350 meters from our hotel so we went on foot, crossing a local Tibetian market selling Tibetian culture clothes, hats, pajamas, and other woolen stuff.

The vicinity of the temple was very calm and peaceful. The first thing we did was to visit the temple and take the blessings of Lord Shiva. 

The old temple of Bhagsunag

Bhagsunag temple

There was a pond near the temple. It is said that the water in the pond can heal your skin-related diseases. Bathing in the pond was banned due to Covid guidelines. We spent a few minutes sitting next to it and capturing some of the beautiful photos.

Bhagsunag Pond

Here is me, posing next to Pond 😀

Trekking to the Bhagsunag Waterfall

One of the most beautiful attractions in Bhagunag is the famous Bhagsunag waterfall. It is around 900 meters trek from the temple. It is a very simple trek with many beautiful sceneries on the way. After visiting the temple, we went to the waterfall admiring our every step and nature's beauty.  

On the way to the waterfall, we saw a very beautiful structure marked as "CHANGE",  filled with wrappers and cans as trash boxes and encouraging visitors to use the dustbin to throw their trash. We really liked the idea!

CHANGE Trash Cans

We kept on moving. The waterfall was a little crowded due to the tourists coming to watch the T-20 Cricket match between India and Srilanka in Dharamshala. People were rushing to take photos next to the waterfall. We also had to wait for a few minutes to get our turn. 😂

It was a good experience visiting the falls. We took some great photos, embraced the water falling from such height, and enjoyed every moment.

Bhagsu waterfall

During our return, we saw a very well decorated shop with Buddha Prayer flags and the view from the shop was also very beautiful. We stopped there, had tea and Maggi. The food was also delicious. We spent almost 45 minutes, sitting in peace, enjoying the food, and capturing some amazing moments!

Beautiful scene from the shop

Later we spent time in the local market doing shopping and eating more 😂.  We also tried local Thupka soup which was again delicious and very authentic. But that's a story for the next blog! 

Bhagsunag Local Market

Thank you for reading this blog. Keep showering your love and please provide your feedback in the comments! 😊

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