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Finally, I was able to travel to Madurai!

Hope you and your family are safe in this pandemic situation of COVID-19. A couple of weeks back I had a trip to Madurai to vacate my apartment which was pending since May. In this blog, I have shared my experiences of travel during the pandemic. It is going to be a little longer, so grab some coffee and enjoy the live experience.

Yercaud Visit - A Perfect Getaway for a Blissful Weekend

Thursday, November 21, 2019 I just came back from a five days trip from Sri Lanka and was not planning to visit anywhere till November 2019 due to my sister's marriage! Fortunately, one of my friend's marriage was also fixed for December 2nd which I would not be able to attend. Since he lives in Chennai and I was in Madurai, we decided to meet before his marriage somewhere in between the two cities. Initially, we were exploring all hill stations that comes between Madurai and Chennai and made a small list including Yelagiri, Kalrayan Hill Forests, and Yercaud.

Road Trip to Munnar - Tea Gardens, Sightseeing, Dams, and Wildlife

Sunday, September 22, 2018 Kerala in India is not only famous for its literacy rate but considered one of the best destinations for the couples and solo travelers! It has a rich culture, delicious Malabar cuisine, Western Ghats mountain range,  beautiful beaches, and wildlife.

Pallangi, Kodaikanal - Why It Become My Favorite Destination Near Madurai

Friday, August 9, 2019 Pallangi,  situated 10 km northwest of the Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, is a place full of scenic beauties. It lies in the valley covered by the mountains from all the sides and beautiful waterfalls! Pallangi, Tamil Nadu

Malampuzha Dam - Palakkad, Kerala - Reservoir, Gardens, Views

Malampuzha dam, a small place near Palakkad, Kerala is the largest reservoir in Kerala. I had been looking for places to visit near Coimbatore and came across this beautiful place hidden in the South West of the city!

A Quick Guide to Explore Adiyogi Shiva, Velliangiri

Guinness Book of World Records recognized " Adiyogi " Shiva statue is situated at the foothills of Velliangiri, 30 km West of Coimbatore city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the main attractions near Coimbatore and visited by thousands of tourists each day.