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14 Places to Visit in New York in Winter Holidays

New York City is one of the best cities in the world! People visit here from all over the world. The city remains crowded with tourists throughout the year but Winter holidays have their own significance attracting the most and keeping New York streets packed for three to four weeks!

15 Best Places to Visit in Goa During Monsoon Season

"Goa", when the word comes to the mind, we immediately think of beaches, booze and partying - consolidating all - "Unlimited Fun". Indeed, it is a place with unlimited fun, food and lots of adventures.

Boston Visit - Gardens, Penguins, Turtle, Quincy Market and The Grinch

Saturday, November 10, 2018 As a part of my US trip, it was the turn to visit the "Geek City" - Boston . Most of you must have heard about the famous universities -  M.I.T. which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University! Both of the world-renowned institutes are the homey of this place! It is a hub of students gathered from all around the world. Boston is not only famous for these two institutes but many other famous colleges, innovations, healthy green spaces, quality of life and its cultural attractions!